6 Safer Ways to Go On A Vacation During COVID

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Corona Virus has changed everything. Now people can’t travel as they used to. If you’re reckless during your travel, you’re threatening your life and those of your loved one. 

However, it doesn’t mean that people can’t travel at all. You can go on your vacation whenever you want. The only thing you need to do is ensure your vacation is safe. 

And how would you make a vacation safe amidst the rise in Corona Virus cases? This is a question you need to ask yourself before planning any vacation. During my travels I had to stop at this RV repair company called danthemotorhomeman. There was a guy in there waiting on some repairs as well, and we hit it off pretty good. We got into a long conversation about the Corona virus and it inspired me to write about it. This blog will help you plan and choose safe vacation ideas.  

In this article, we’ll go through with you the 6 safer ways to go on vacation during COVID. 

Let’s get started. 

  1. Book A Socially Distant Hotel Stay

When planning to go on a vacation, start by thinking about where you’ll stay. If you choose to stay in a hotel, make sure it’s safe. 

Book hotels that have adopted social distancing measures. Call them when you’re planning and see if they have contact-free transactions. Also, ensure the hotel observes rigorous cleaning measures. 

  1. Book A Private Vacation Home Rental

The number one strategy in staying safe is keeping social distancing. There is no better way you can travel, and self isolate than using a home rental. 

At a home rental, you’re sure it’s only you and your family. You don’t need to interact with other people like you would do in a hotel. 

Use home rentals service providers such as Airbnb to book a homestay plan in your holiday destination. 

  1. Plan Socially Distant Road Trip

If you’re a fan of road trips, take all precautions. Don’t go with a crowded road trip van. If you go with a van, ensure you keep a social distance. 

It’s better if you can drive in your own car during the road trip. This is way better in reducing the interactions you’ll have with people on the way. 

  1. Camp in Remote Places

If you choose to go camping, find remote places. Places where you won’t have to interact with many people. It would be better if you choose a camping site that’s not frequented by many people. 

To find a perfect camping site, google or ask your travel agent. 

  1. Take All Necessary Precautions

When traveling, wear your face mask, sanitize your hands, and keep social distancing. Ensure you follow all guidelines recommended by the department of health. Stay safe and keep everyone around you safe too. 

  1. Work With A Travel Agent

Travel agents already know the best and safe places to visit. Talk to them and let them plan for your dream vacation, even during the pandemic. Ask them to recommend places with lower cases of coronavirus. 

Parting Shot

Don’t let the current situation kill your dream of traveling. Take necessary precautions, choose a safe destination plan, and go to places with a lower risk of contracting the virus. Above all, keep social distance and protect your loved ones.


Paris is located in France, and it’s France’s Capital. It is a major European city
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Why visit Paris?
Paris is the most romantic city in the world because of its loving destinations and
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Why is Paris famous?
Paris is famous because of the following beautiful reasons.

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One of the most famous towns in the USA, Washington, DC, provides opportunities to know about the origins of the United States and culture and enjoy many of the most recognizable spots in the city. This lively town offers fantastic food, crafts, music, and much more.

World Most spectacular Museums

Not only is D.C. host to some of the globe’s most prominent museums, but many of them are open to the public as well. All 19 museums in Smithson provide an enjoyable opportunity for elders and kids of all ages.

You could enjoy each one of them

  • American Indian Museum.
  • Natural History Museum
  • Air and Space Museum
  • the National Museum of American History

A trip to Washington DC is not perfect without such esteemed institutions stopping in.

Full Of American History

This is where it all works around when it comes to American history. The capital of America is abundant in heritage and unbelievable sights. You can see it all as you ride the Old Town Trolley tour from the museums and monuments to many vital structures and areas of interest. The most detailed and fully narrated tour of D.C.

You can be brought to even more than 100 separate locations, such as the

  • The U.S. Capitol House
  • The United States Botanical Gardens.
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • The National Library
  • The Supreme Court
  • Washington Monument

National Zoo Full of Diversity

A component of the Smithsonian Network, the National Zoo is now open to the general public. It has also established recognition as one of the greatest zoos globally with over 2,000 unique animals of 400 species.

Here you will see

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  • California Sea Lions
  • Giraffes and many others is a true joy for adults and children.

Visit Glorious White House

Touring the White House is one of the most common dealings to do while exploring Washington, DC. You have to get ready and hold back tickets in time in order to get a ticket. It gets a month or a couple of months to book; but it is worth seeing the White House in close proximity. If you can’t book a tour from the outside, it’s just a tour you’ll never forget, gazing at the gardens and stopping in at the White House Visitor Centre. The centre provides you with knowledge on the history, decor, architecture and even more of the White House, the first family who resided there.

Final Words

Washington, DC is fun going to as it will provide you with lots of entertainment, great places to do, and admission-free for most entertainment venues, so it can also be very affordable. The climate is your drawback, though, so you must check the weather condition before visiting Washington DC. This lively town provides you delicious food, crafts, music, and much more.


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